The MyCommunity.Today App
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Join the next generation of online interaction with the new, innovative MyCommunity.Today app.

MyCommunity.Today is evolving social networking from digital communications to true interaction on a hyper-local level. The MyCommunity.Today app will allow you to quickly and easily find people who relate to your ideas and connect with them in ways you never could before. It’s the “Grand Central Station” for news, events, people, products and services in your immediate neighborhood and great savings you can utilize locally brought to you by

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How MyCommunity.Today is different

  • MyCommunity.Today provides daily updates about your neighborhood and community. The information is timely, relevant, easy-to-understand and accessible.

  • Our forward-thinking social interaction network lets you connect with friends and groups on a more personal level by allowing you to add interactivities like voting, polling, questions, ratings and more to your posts.

  • Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform searches, organizes and serves you with the coupons you want based on your current location, activity and preferences. Save time, energy and, most of all, money.

The MyCommunity.Today App lets you:

  • Stay up to date with your community’s latest local coverage. You’ll be the first to know about current and developing events in your neighborhood.

  • Go deeper into your local news. Receive full coverage and comprehensive views about your community with interactions, analysis, events, social posts and more. Or you can just skim the high points.

  • Discover new ways of informing yourself and interacting with content. Let your imagination run free and share with the world!

  • Instantly stream live from anywhere at any time using your mobile phone’s camera. Interact with viewers in real time.

  • Our Zap and Clap" feature lets you see in real time how other people react watching the same show or event.